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Our 6 Favorite Resources For Military Persons Buying or Selling A Home

Our 6 Favorite Resources For Military Persons Buying or Selling A Home

top 6 resources for military persons buying or selling a home

There are a lot of resources out there for buying or selling a home. 

Service members and their families have different obstacles to overcome compared to civilians. 

Navy to Navy understands that, so we wanted to give you a list of our personal favorites: "6 Resources For Military Persons Buying or Selling A Home".

Since there are a lot of helpful tips and tools to scour through, we’ve also added a quick sampler list beneath research to make your seller endeavors that much smoother.

Take a look!

AHRN military move resource website

#1 — AHRN

Well-organized, well-researched, and very accessible, AHRN can calculate your BAH, match your Housing Profile with available listings, and help connect you to a swath of Moving Tools and Resources

How to Get the Most From This Resource

militarybyowner military move resource website

#2 — Military By Owner

The main focus of Military by Owner is to “provide a comprehensive low cost means for military members and their families to advertise their homes for sale or rent” across a nationwide platform. 

How to Get the Most From This Resource

  • Relocating to Naval Station Newport? Check out the free ebook here. (There are others just like it for other PCS locations like Fort Hood, Camp Lejune, and San Diego!)

  • Afraid of making a seller snafu? Check out this blog post on avoiding these three seller mistakes.

  • Want ensure your PCS move goes smoothly? Download this PCS Guide Ebook and get tips on the best way to prepare.

homesnap military move resource website

#3 — Homesnap

Homesnap provides a level of transparency in the realty purchasing/selling process. If you’re looking for great information about advertising your home, Homesnap may be your new best friend. 

How to Get the Most From This Resource

military town advisor military move resource website

#4 — Military Town Advisor

A site full of both resources and heart, Military Town Advisor got its start when a military spouse and her family went through a tough PCS. 

How to Get the Most From This Resource

zillow military move resource website

#5 — Zillow

With an impressive array of tools, tips, guides, and more for wherever you are on your home ownership journey, Zillow proves its more than a reliable real estate search tool. Dig up data or connect with well-respected local professionals to make your selling process a cinch.

How to Get the Most From This Resource

homes for heroes military move resource website

#6 — Homes for Heroes

Established in 2009, Homes for Heroes works to help military and other heroes to purchase real estate as well as save money on real estate transaction through a nationwide network of affiliate real estate, mortgage, and business specialists.

How to Get the Most From This Resource

  • When selling your home, don’t forget about the home inspector! Read here about how to prep your home to ace the inspection and why you should hire an inspector of your own.

  • Home not selling? Not sure why? Here are 7 reasons why and ways to turn the situation around.


As a service member there are A LOT of programs available to help you! 

If you don't have time, or if researching resources and benefits of each program makes you feel as if your brain might explode, don't worry. We're here to help! 

As the Jacksonville, FL military move specialists, it's our job to keep up with trending topics and resources for you, so you can minimize the stress of transition to your new home. 

Selling your home? 

We'd love to help you get started with a free, local analysis to help you find out what your home is worth.

You can grab your free home sale analysis here.

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