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Mario Gonzalez & Navy To Navy - In The News!

Mario Gonzalez & Navy To Navy - In The News!


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Navy to Navy Homes is a full-service real estate and property management company formed to provide higher level real estate services for the often extraordinary relocation needs of military families.  

Mario Gonzalez, the Founder and Broker of Navy to Navy Homes, has recently been making news with his generous donations to local Jacksonville heroes.

A 24-year retired Navy Pilot, Mario’s sense of dedication to service is apparent in his real estate company. Navy to Navy Homes is a full-service real estate brokerage that specializes in Property Management, Sales, and Relocation Services for military families and civilians in the Jacksonville area.

In a News4JAX feature, Mario was interviewed about his dedication to giving back in Jacksonville. 

“Being involved in the real estate and property management realms in the communities, I realize that there is a way to do it better on both facets of the business. That is what we try to do. We try to provide the highest level of service.”

In the last year, "We gave back over $400,000 and we were able to help 200 veterans and military folks here locally," said Mario Gonzales, Navy to Navy Homes owner. 

"When they're (active military personnel) moving around in their jobs.... we have veterans that are dealing with all sorts of issues from physical and mental issues that they have after serving in the places they serve. To come back to something that is stable is absolutely critical," Gonzales said. 

What gives? Why give back? And why give back SO MUCH? 

We wanted to take a look at what makes this man on a mission tick. 

Known as being quiet about his own successes (and humble to boot), we knew, if we dug deep enough, someone out there could tell us something....and boy did they.

We interviewed:

  • Mario himself
  • Hero support specialist Heather Campbell (from Homes for Heroes® - Mario's  preferred partner program for serving the Jacksonville community)
  • and Mario's team

to get the lowdown on what sets Navy to Navy apart and how (and why) they put the Jacksonville, FL community first.  

Exclusive Navy to Navy Partnerships: Homes for Heroes® and Paying It Forward

On the Navy to Navy Homes website, you will find a resources page that lists available relocation and mortgage resources for military personnel. One resource that Mario is proud to be a part of, is Homes for Heroes®.

Through the Homes for Heroes® program, Mario's team donates 25% of their gross earned commission as a gift toward closing costs for participating Hero home sellers, so that Hero home sellers get to keep more money in their pockets at closing.

Mario's team also gives to Hero buyers as well.

Whether you are buying a home, an investment property, or a lot, you can receive .7% of the purchase price of the home back in your pocket after closing (many times, this is pretty close to the 25% Hero Reward® given to home/property sellers). 

To clarify, while the home seller Hero Reward® is 25% of the gross realtor commission, the Hero Reward® for home buyers is .7% of the purchase price of the home. 


You can use the funds for renovations, a new refrigerator, landscaping, or to take a vacation. It's your money to use as you wish. 

Homes for Heroes® gives more back to our community heroes than any other program out there - including USAA's Mover Advantage Program (see the chart here)

The giving doesn't stop with the buyer/seller commission donations. 

Homes for Heroes® also has a non-profit foundation that Mario is proud to support. The Foundation pays out a 5K grant each month to Heroes around the country who need a helping hand - sometimes that number is even more. Last year, Homes for Heroes® made a 50k donation to help assist homeless veterans. 

When speaking to the amount that has been given back to the local Jacksonville community (over $400k in gifts in the last year), Homes for Heroes® support member Heather Campbell said, 

"We couldn't do it without specialists like Mario, that's for sure."

It's partnerships like this that help set Navy to Navy apart. 

Thankfully, the Homes for Heroes® program is not limited to only military personnel, so Mario can serve even more Heroes in our Jacksonville community. 

Currently, through his partnership with Homes for Heroes®, and by serving as a Hero Specialist in Jacksonville, Mario's team is able to give the above benefits (25% of commission toward closing costs for home/property sellers, and .7% commission gifted to home/property buyers) to the following local Jacksonville heroes:

  • Firefighters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military (active, reserve, and veteran)
  • Healthcare Professionals and EMS
  • Teachers

Mario Gonzalez on Helping The Jacksonville Community

I recently interviewed Mario myself and I can attest to his passion for veterans and military personnel. 

Having been in their shoes, he has a unique perspective on the experiences a military family can have when looking for a rental, or buying and selling their home.

He comes across clearly as an expert in his field as well as a genuinely nice guy.

“If people are buying or selling a home from us and they are Navy or a veteran we give them 25% of our commission back, just to say thank you. 

That is unheard of in our industry. Realtors are known for greed. People think we don’t really work, we just drive around in our fancy cars.

The military community has been incredibly gracious to us. 

When we go above and beyond they are telling the story. 

The military wives network or military spouse network was social media before there was social media.” 

- Mario Gonzalez, Broker/Owner Navy to Navy Homes

Additional Community Support for Jacksonville and The World

In addition to supporting Jacksonville Heroes, the Navy to Navy team also gives 15% of of their gross commissions to help other local, national, and global charitable organizations. 

Per Mario, "It’s just our way of impacting our community and helping others."

From The Team: What Does Mario's Team Think About Navy to Navy Homes and Mario?  

Bailey Jordan, Navy to Navy Homes

Bailey Jordan
Lead Property Manager/Realtor
Navy to Navy Homes 

Bailey is a long-time Jacksonville resident and proud graduate of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She grew up as the daughter of a Navy Pilot, learning her way around Jacksonville.

Her lifelong interest in Real Estate began around age five when her parents began investing in real estate. Eventually, her parents' dabbling fueled their passion, and their own property management company was launched in Jacksonville.

What is your favorite thing about working at Navy to Navy?

Navy to Navy Homes is truly a family! We all build each other up, encourage one another, and cheer each other on to our successes- our visions, goals, and dreams.

Tell me about working with Mario…

Mario is the best boss, mentor, and leader anyone could ask for. 

He always makes time to answer questions or sit with you to solve a problem. 

He is your #1 cheerleader and advocate no matter what. 

He cares for each and every one of his team members and desires for each of them to excel.

navy to navy homes is a family - bailey jordan

What is your favorite thing about JAX?

I love that in Jax, you can get a little bit of everything. 

You want the beach? We’ve got that! 

You want to see a more historic side? We’ve got that! 

You want a luxury community, no problem! 

While JAX is large, it's an area where any person can tickle their fancy.

Tell me about the programs giving back to Veterans and the community you love?

Homes for Heroes® and the community we have built in Jacksonville is incredible. I have had veterans only be able to buy their home because of the rebate we were given. 

To see them in tears at the closing table, so grateful for this program, truly makes it all worthwhile! 

Helping people is our passion and we would truly not have it any other way.

How does giving back make you feel about working with Mario and Navy To Navy Homes?

I stand by this program, the mission and the vision of Navy to Navy 1000%. 

It makes me proud to be a part of this community that offers and allows me to be a part of something bigger than just myself.

nelson ortega realtor navy to navy homes

Nelson Ortega
Property Manager/Realtor
Navy to Navy Homes

Nelson Ortega is a well-established Realtor and Property Manager with Navy to Navy Homes. 

As an owner of investment property himself, he understands Landlord concerns 100%. 

His passion for helping military members began as he was raised the son of an Army man. 

He started in this business on the maintenance side so there is almost no housing need that he isn’t acquainted with. 

He is a wealth of information for saving money for our owners and tenants alike.  

What is your favorite thing about working at Navy to Navy Homes?

My favorite part is the focus we have to give back to our owners, tenants, buyers, and sellers. 

From the very start, I felt that Navy to Navy Homes mindset is parallel to how I want to serve others and that is the greatest return.

Tell me about working with Mario…

An old Navy Captain friend of mine would describe a person of high caliber as a 4.0. 

If that the highest you can get, then Mario is a 4.0. 

As a business person, he is professional, diligent and detailed. 

As a friend, Mario is attentive, not just at the fun a friendship can offer, but also at the needs of his friends.

What is your favorite thing about JAX?

I enjoy Jacksonville for the variety of opportunities that are here, but my favorite part is the waterways and ocean access.

Tell me about the programs giving back to Veterans and the community you love?

Homes for Heroes® is an amazing way to give back. Prison ministry, where many veterans sadly have ended up, is another thing I am interested in. An opportunity for encouragement of others is there also.

How does giving back make you feel about working with Mario and Navy To Navy Homes?

Mario has led the charge and the agents have come in agreement that this is a good cause. I'm thankful for him and being part alongside this mission.

Is there anything else we should know you would like to say about working with Navy to Navy Homes?

We are all in this together as a company. Each agent selflessly and sacrificially is contributing. 

marianne bach realtor navy to navy homes

Marianne Bach
Navy to Navy Homes

Marianne was born and raised in Jacksonville, where she lived all of her life until her recent move to St. Johns County. 

She is a sports enthusiast including her love of the Jags. Her dad was a WWII vet & she has a number of friends & family members, who served in the military. She has spent her life working in positions of leadership and service to others. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Navy to Navy Homes?

Being able to give back to heroes in the way we can after all they do for us.

Tell me about working with Mario…

I greatly appreciate working for a boss with such integrity, ethics, faith & belief in benefiting others.

What is your favorite thing about JAX?

I am a native. The people first, the beaches, the river, and everything the city has to offer... and the Jags!

Tell me about the programs giving back to Veterans and the community you love?

The services we provide include helping rent and manage homes for members of the military that are transferred. That eases their burden financially and emotionally. 

We also assist with buying and selling homes. For active military members and vets there is added financial benefit from us that can help with closing costs as a Seller or whatever they choose when buying.

How does giving back make you feel about working with Mario and Navy To Navy Homes?

I am grateful to be able to help heroes who have done and sacrificed so much for us.

susan severson realtor navy to navy homes

Susan Severson
Property Manager/
Broker Associate (Realtor)
Navy to Navy Homes

Susan Severson is an amazingly skilled agent who came to Navy to Navy Homes from a larger Jacksonville agency. She wanted to focus her efforts on serving men and women in uniform. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Navy to Navy Homes?

The "family" atmosphere; we work as a team.  We pitch in to help one another out - no egos.

Tell me about working with Mario…

Mario is exceedingly kind and humorous.  He's an instant friend to everyone and is always willing to stop and listen. 

I often rely on Mario as my compass; meaning, he helps me gut-check my responses.

What is your favorite thing about JAX?

The beaches! The festivals, the green space, and of course - the weather.  

We love to camp, hike, and swim and there's no shortage of places in and around Jacksonville to do all of that and more.

Tell me about the programs giving back to Veterans and the community you love?

Homes for Heroes®: we give back 25% of our gross commission to Hero sellers (and a percentage to Hero buyers as well). 

As our firm has grown, we have leaped to the #1 (Homes for Heroes®) Affiliate Team in the nation. 

It is our honor and our privilege to be able to give back to Heroes who serve our country and our community in such a significant way.


$400,000 given to jacksonville community navy to navy homes

How does giving back make you feel about working with Mario and Navy To Navy Homes?

I'm very proud to work for Navy to Navy Homes. Mario's heart is pure and his work speaks for itself. 

A lot of people talk a good game but are short on action. Not Mario, he actually hates boasting about all the significant things he does to improve our community.

Is there anything else we should know you would like to say about working with Navy to Navy?

Mario is very closed-mouth about his giving and his successes. 

I started with Navy to Navy almost 8 years ago, and we were a much smaller firm then. I'll bet we're a top real estate firm now (hint: they are!), but I don't know our exact numbers. 

Are You A Hero?

As amazing as Mario is, he'll be the first to tell you, he's grateful and thankful for his team.

A true servant-leader, he knows the best way to help everyone is to start with an amazing team. 

The folks above, and many more that work with him, all agree to donate a percentage of their commission (up to 25% for Hero Sellers) to our local Jacksonville community heroes. 

It takes a team to post big numbers like this. 

And so, in summary, we'd like to give a big shout-out to everyone at Navy to Navy Homes for helping make this possible.

Navy to Navy Homes is fast closing in on $1MM in gifts going back into the Jacksonville community (between Mario's amazingly gracious team - including Susan Severson of Navy to Navy, a Homes for Heroes® affiliate herself*).

The amazing team of superheroes at Navy to Navy are always looking for more ways to serve the local Jacksonville community.

If you, or someone you know, are a local hero, and are looking to buy or sell a property in Jacksonville, make sure to reach out to Mario and his team at Navy to Navy homes. 

You've already given us everything. 

To participate in our Homes for Heroes® program costs you nothing. 

We just want to say, "Thank you for all you do."

thank you for your service navy to navy homes for heroes

*Navy to Navy Homes (including Mario Gonzalez and Susan Severson) has given over $900,000 back to the local heroes of Jacksonville, per Heather Campbell at Homes for Heroes®.

Navy to Navy Homes

4540 Southside Blvd, Suite 702

Jacksonville, FL 32216


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